“Just got home from a week at Summer Wheat Music Camp. It was advertised as ‘Wheatland’s best kept secret’ and that was the truth. This was the first time this event has offered hammered dulcimer to their audience, and it was great fun to be a part of introducing people to the instrument.

Keep this one on your radar for next year. The student to instructor ratio allows for individually catered one-on-one learning. Opportunities for attendees to showcase their talents are abundant. The jamming is so diverse (bluegrass, Irish, Cajun/Zydeco, Honkey Tonk, sing-alongs, and more). The backdrop is breathtakingly scenic. The food by Hearty Harvest is the best I have ever had at any camp or festival. Ever. That’s no exaggeration.

If you’ve ever thought ‘this late-night jam is hoping’ but I wish there was a chef dropping in to pass out mini-charcuterie plates’, Summer Wheat is for you!”

— Katie Moritz, Hammered Dulcimer Instructor

“What an absolute joy to pass on some polkas and slides to this wonderful group of musicians the past few days! Both this class and my Irish Traditional Singing group were so enthusiastic, asked great questions, and really showed their stuff at the student showcase last night!

If I had any doubts that this is something that I want to make a regular part of my life, teaching at Summer Wheat this year has definitely squashed all of those doubts! It’s hard to put into words the feeling you experience while getting to play some part in these musician’s learning journey.

Here’s to more experiences of teaching traditional music in a camp setting – got plenty more polkas in store!”

— Hannah Harris, Fiddle Instructor

“I am struggling to come up with words to accurately describe my feelings about the week. All I can come up with is LOVE.

I loved it. I loved everything about it. I loved the food, the music, the classes, the students, the jams, the setting, the environment, the use of the spaces, the songs, the learning, the growth, the food (yes, that’s worth mentioning twice!) and most of all – I love you all!

Thank you for welcoming me into the Wheatland family and allowing me to grow as an artist, an instructor and as a human being. My cup of lemonade runneth over.”

– Nicholas James Thomasma, Songwriting & Harmonica Instructor

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